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Imun + helps restoring the immunity function in addressing the damage caused to the function while acting on the main factors slowing down the system regenerative process and the immunity function triggers.

It restores and improve the immunity function self-regulation which allows for the body to adapt to the environment related fluctuations and agressive changes and to maintain the immunity body defence mechanism.

The 4 stage process Imun + is acting on :

1.STRENGHTENING GENERAL IMMUNITY – Lymphocytes stimulation ( zinc, magnesium), rosebush, mushrooms ( shitake,maitake), algae (porphyra), rosemary.
2.Toxins and Free Radicals Elimination   –  Algae(red pulse, porphyria, bladder wrack), maitake,yeast,  zinc, Vitamins A,C,E.
3. Brain Nutrition – Algae (essential amino acids),shiitake, rosebush, royal jelly,magnesium, zinc, vitamins B1,B3,B5,B8,E,
4. Cell Protection – Seaweed(polyunsaturated fatty acids),blackcurrant oil, yeast, zinc,Vitamins B6,B8,B9


Disclaimer : Please note this information should never be used as a substitute for seeking medical advise from your doctor or other qualified clinician. 

Therapeutical and Clinical Results

A. Prevention for infectious episodes 

A daily dosage helps to protect against the seasonal autumn and winter infections particularly the population at risk and elderly. It has been observed that elderly and children having suffered from repeated infectious episodes during the previous years now showing a decrease of contagious diseases during an endemic – 80% of influenza, gastrointestinal infections in children and 70% in adult population.

2. During the infectious episodes  

Within the first 48 h – it prevents the episode from evolving along with a significant reduction in intensity of the symptoms.Combined with the usual therapies it makes it possible to carry on with daily activities in 60% of cases. 6-8 servings a day within the first 48 h allows for influenza infection, which generally requires 3 day bed rest, to make it possible for the persons having the disease to carry on with their regular activities  while feeling a milder symptoms as in : asthenia, headache, muscle stiffness.

a. 90% reduction in symptoms for children suffering from measles, mumps, chickenpox, minimal rash.

b. In combination with conventional treatments – 80% reduction in complications, chronicity and damage to the liver along with reducing the  asthenia to a period of 15 days or less for patients suffering from viral hepatitis.

3. Chronic infections under conventional treatment showing poor results  Improve the outcome to up t 50% of cases for patients suffering from recurring urinal, intestinal, gynecological and pulmonary infections.

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